Choose an Android Phone: A Basic Features Guide

There are many types of Android phones produced by different manufacturers. Nowadays, all mobile phone manufacturers either make use of Android OS or has an Android version. Moreover, the prices of Android phones do vary significantly. One may start to wonder why the significant difference in prices?
There are a lot of features that makes an Android Phone great such as the screen size, processor, WLAN/3G/4F support, Internal Memory, GPS, screen touch technology among others. The focus of this discourse of to highlight the important features of an Android phone which can affect its functions and usability. These are the features you should check on an Android phone before making your purchase.

1. The Version of Android.

The Android version on your phone can limit the type of apps you can use and the functions available on your phone. If you are buying a new phone, then you should make sure that the software on the phone is the latest version. You surely don’t want to buy a new car with an old engine! Check this Article on How to find the version of your android. After that, google “ android latest version.” Make sure the phone you intend to buy has the latest version of Android. At least, it should be very close to the latest version in decimal (i.e., 7.1, 7.2). When the difference is an entire digit, be very careful. In some cases, you may not be able to upgrade to the latest version without voiding your phone warranty by flashing the phone with a current unofficial ROM.

2. Play Store

Check the phone you intend to buy to make sure it has Google Play! Don’t allow the phone vendors to fool you by saying you can install apps from other app stores. If your Android phone does not come with Play Store pre-installed, it is a substandard Android. Although the Android OS is free, your phone manufacturer will have to pay Google some fees to legally include some features like Play Store, Google Map and Gmail Apps. A phone without Play Store means the manufacturer is selling a cheap, watered-down Android. It is cumbersome to use an Android Phone without Play Store. Also, some apps will not work without Google Play Services on your phone. Make sure the phone you intend to buy has Play Store.

3. Phone Internal Memory.

Do not confuse the internal memory of a phone with the external memory in the MicroSD slot. Some phones are sold with pre-installed external memory because the internal memory is shamefully low. Most apps run from the internal memory, once storage space is full, you cannot install new apps or update existing ones any longer. If you are buying a new phone, the lowest phone storage you should settle for is 8gig. Don’t buy any phone with less than 8Gig memory or you will regret it once the internal storage gets filled up. At such times, you will be prompted to delete apps to save space before you can update existing apps or install new ones. Check the phone and make sure the memory is right before making a purchase.

4. The processor and RAM.

Smartphones handle a lot of tasks nowadays. They are more like PCs that have lots of programs running in the background. Therefore, to prevent your phone from freezing up during usage, the processor speed and RAM (Random Access Memory) must be high. You cannot compromise on these factors because you cannot upgrade it later. I recommend the base Processor and RAM to be 1Ghz Duo Core and 1Gigabyte ( 1024MB) RAM Respectively.

Take time to check the above features before buying your Android phone so you can get the best out of your smart phone.