Why you should password your Android Phone.

password your android phoneDo you carry a phone all about without a password? Then you are at a high risk of multiple losses when your phone get into the wrong hands. A smartphone has become a security device that cannot be left lying around unsecured. Your phone can give access to some privileged information that can lead to hacking your bank account or simply making unauthorized withdrawals from your account. Consider the following reasons why you should password your smartphone.

  1. You receive transaction alert on your phone. Most people receive SMS transaction alerts on their smartphones. This means that the details about your financial transactions can get into the hands of those who can use it to their advantage. Come to think of it; this SMS also contain information about your account details which could be used to make financial transactions on your phone.
  2. You have USSD banking that allows you to buy credit, transfer money, pay bills,, by simply sending some USSD codes. Unfortunately, most of the online banking platform simply need the last four digits of your ATM card to complete the transaction. Yes, those last four digits are present in all of the bank transaction SMS alerts on your phone. So, the person with access to your phone can simply type some codes and get money off your bank account

  3. Email notifications: Your smartphones probably have all your emails downloading automatically on your phone through your email apps. Someone that has your phone do not need your password to gain access to your emails. Do you have sensitive information in your email? They are no longer secure once your Android phone gets into the wrong hand. Moreover, your passwords to other websites can be easily reset and confirmed right from your email address.
  4. Sensitive Apps. Do you have your bank apps, bitcoin wallet app, soft-token app. Etc., on your phone? You can lose all the money in your bank account or your bitcoin wallet when your phone get stolen. With the option of using a One Time Password (OTP) to complete your transaction, the thief can initiate a transaction on your phone app and complete it with a confirmation SMS received on your phone. All this can happen before you deactivate your sim card!
  5. When your phone is exposed and stolen, you are not the only one at risk; your contacts are also at risk of getting duped. It is common for the thief to send emails, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Chat to your contacts asking for urgent financial assistance. By securing your phone, you are not only safeguarding yourself, but you are also helping your contacts to stay safe.

A password on your Android phone will help keep your personal and sensitive information secure when you lose your phone. Have you made a decision to password your phone, then check out this article on How to password your Android phone. See this article on APPs to secure your phone which gives more advanced features that can help recover your phone when you lose it.

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