Lock Android screen.

So you want to learn how to lock Android  screen? It is important to restrict access to any personal device, especially your Android devices that does store your private data including contacts, SMS, emails, pictures and videos. Worse still you may even have your bank information stored on your phone. In that case, it becomes increasingly risky if your device get to wrong hands. If your PC  does have a password, why not your Android device that stores more intricate data? Ability to password your device without using a third party application started with the Gingerbread OS (2.3). If you are still running on Froyo (2.2) You might not be able to password your home screen without using a third party APP. Refer to How to know the version of your Android guide

Android Screen lockTo password your Android  device using if you are running on Gingerbread, follow the steps below:

Tap on settings

Go to Location and security and scroll over to the screen lock section

Click on Change screen Lock.

You can choose between None, Pattern, Pin and password Lock. None option will disable screen lock; Pattern lock is self-descriptive, you will have to draw a pattern to unlock the screen; if however you opted for pin, you will have to enter numbers while password is alpha-numeric. The Pin and password has a minimum of four characters and a maximum of sixteen characters set.

Pattern Lock: Tap on pattern lock, you will be prompted to enter you pattern, you may tap on retry if you made a mistake. Once you are satisfied with the pattern, tap continue; draw the pattern again then tap on confirm. You are done!

Pin & Password Lock:  The pin and password lock are similar, enter your pin/password as the case may be and make it between 4 and 16 characters. The higher the character of your lock the more secure will be. Tap on OK, re-enter the key/password and tap continue to confirm. Press the power button twice, you will be prompted to  enter your authenticate with your chosen pattern to access your home screen.

Jelly bean, ICS & Tik-Tak gives you a lot of flexibility to customize your  screen lock. You could chose to make patterns to leave a visible trail or not, change the number of dots on ehch you will draw your pattern, change the lock screen wall paper, clock widgets and the likes. Otherwise the process is the same. To access the screen lock, follow the steps below:

Tap on Settings

Scroll to the Interface section

Select Lock screen

*note that depending on the version and build of your Android, there may be slight difference in the placement of items within settings. However, the method of configuration are basically the same.

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