Update an Android Phone

As an owner of an Android SmartPhone, you should know how to update your Android. The intermittent update of the software that runs on your phone is important, just like the updates on the operating system on your computer.  Android is the name of the software that runs on the background of an Android smartphone; that is the software that makes your phone awesome.

Why is Android Update Important

An update on your Android phone can fix bugs, add new features, or enhance the general performance of your smartphone. Moreover, some Apps on your phone do have a minimum Android Version requirement to be able to run. Therefore, if the version of Android on your phone is old, you may nor be able to run some apps on your phone.

Very often, your phone notifies you when an update in available for your device but there are times when the message does not show, you will have to search for the update by yourself manually. Follow the guide below to search for software updates manually

Update your Android Phone.

On the first note, make sure your phone has an active internet connection. Either through WiFi (Wireless) connection or 3G Mobile network. Locate the Settings Icon. The settings icons on an Android phone are not consistent across different models. However, all of them do have the same label -SETTINGS. So scroll through the icons on your phone till you get to the settings icon and tap.

steps to update android 0Scroll down your phone till you get to About Phone and Tap

On the next window that opens on System update, Depending on the model of your phone, it may automatically search for an update on the internet or will require that you manually click a button to search for updates.  If the Android of your phone is up to date, you will receive a message that your phone is up to date. Otherwise, you will be presented with an update to install. steps to update android 1 steps to update android 2 steps to update android 3

What if you have an outdated Android and there is no update?

Your phone vendor supplies the Android version on your phone. Sometimes some phone manufacturers are simply slow to upgrade to new versions while some simply stop providing update over time. If you have an Android that falls into this category, there is still a way out. Read this article on How to Update your Android using ClockWorkMod


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