Use android as scanner

Do you know that you can use your android as a scanner? Be it a phone or a tablet, you can scan documents with a high resolution and print, email or share immediately. You will be astonished at the quality of the document you scanned using your android device.

Cam ScannerYour Android as a Scanner could be very handy in situation where you need a quick scan but do not have access to a scanning machine. Though there are lots of APP that scan from your device, my choice APP is Camscanner, It has both the free and pro version which is ad free and has the extra feature of conversion of the scanned document to PDF. Follow the guide below to start using your Android as a scanner. If you do not know how to use Google Play Store, See this guide How to install Android Apps

How to use Android as Scanner

  1. Launch the Google Play Store App from your device ( Make sure you are connected to the internet)
  2. Search for the CamScanner at the Google Play Store, Tap and click to install. After installation is complete, click on open to launch the  App
  3. Tap on ‘Capture’ at the first screen
  4. Place the document on a flat surface and position your scanner to scan. Tap on the settings gear icon and disable the flash of your camera to prevent glare.
  5.  Tap the Central shutter symbol to scan (snap) your document. Use the correct symbol by the right to accept and the X symbol by the left to cancel and scan all over again.
  6. At the next screen, position the crop  edges to crop your scanned document and save the changes
  7. The next phase allows you to adjust the contrast and brightness or just accept the default values
  8. Click Accept to Finish
  9. In the final screen, you can rename your document and share or email your scanned document immediately.

Locate your scanned document

To locate your scanned document JPEG image files , use in inbuilt “File Explorer” App on your device (My favorite file explorer is ES File Explorer App) . Browse to sdcard0 > CamScanner > images. If you have the PRO version, the PDF will be located within the Camscanner folder.

Other important features within the Camscanner App is Tagging where you can Tag your scan your tes and scanned documents to categorize them logically. The default tags available are Business Card, White Board, PPT, Notes and ID Card. However, you can delete and add your own tags by using the settings located at the left tab. To tag or share a document, long press the document thumbnail and select tag or share as appropriate.

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