Locate misplaced Android Phone


find my androidEvery one of us has misplaced our smartphones one time or the other. The common method we use to locate our misplaced phones is to get another phone and dial the number. However, there are times when this method simply does not work because the phone was in silent or vibration mode when it was misplaced, or for some strange reason, you do now know the phone number on the phone!

Follow the simple steps below to make your phone ring out even if it is in silent or vibration mode. The prerequisite of using this method is that the phone must have internet access through Mobile Data or WiFi.

Log in to a computer with internet access; you can also use another one of your phones. Open a browser and navigate to the Google search engine www.google.com. Type the phrase “find my Android” in the web browser, a map will appear, and you will have to enter your gmail address and password for security purpose. The login details should be the same gmail you have on your misplaced Android phone. After logging in, chose the phone you are trying to locate on the drop down arrow at the lower right of the map. The Android Device Manager will attempt to locate your phone on the map, do not worry if it says your “device is unavailable.”

On the lower right of the screen, Click on Ring. Your phone will ring out loud from its location for five minutes, even if you had set it to silent or vibration mode.  When you have found your phone, simply tap on the home button to stop the ring.It is that simple. In case your phone is lost, and you cannot recover it, you can also wipe off all your information from your phone by using the recover phone settings. Check out the detailed process on the tutorial: How to remotely wipe off your Android.

The next you put your phone on silent because of pesky calls and misplaced it; get hold of a web browser and ring your phone out of its location.

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