manage Android device wirelessly with Kies Air (Part 2)

Connected Kies airAt this point you must have connected your PC and Android device to the same network. If you have not done that, Refer to the Part one of this guide; How to Manage Android device wirelessly with KiesAir

Run Kies Air App from your Android, the App will seek permission to turn on wireless and connect to WiFi network if the device is not yet connected to any network. After connection is achieved, the Kies Air will display an address to be used on a web browser. Type this Address exactly as it is on the web browser on your PC, your android will display a password on the screen; enter this password to access your device from the web browser. An option will be displayed to create a shortcut on your desktop, to facilitate easy discovery and connection to Kies air in the future.

Note that there is need to install Java on your PC to upload or download multiple files and also files more that 100MB in size. There will be a prompt to allow Java & Adobe Flash Player to run on the browser, install Java/flash or upgrade Java/flash on your PC as required. Chose the option “Allow and Remember” to prevent the pop-up alert on subsequent launch.

From the Kies Air Interface, various functions can be performed on the android device with exception of firmware update that can only be done with a cable connection to the PC. Kies enable you to manage your tab/phone from your PC and perform functions like; Copying files from your PC to android and vice-versa; Access and manage your bookmarks; manage ringtones, music and videos; Manage SMS and easily send SMS to many recipients from your PC and lots more. The features are worth exploring.

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