Set Up Bluetooth on Android

To set up Bluetooth on android Phones and Tablets devices can be a bit confusing. Most people prefer to use Bluetooth as a means of file transfer and other Set up Android Bluetoothforms of communication with other devices. I believe the usefulness of Bluetooth cannot be undermined; however, it is undesirably slow when it comes to file transfer. In a scenario where the devices involved support WiFi, it will be more desirable to set up a WiFi connectivity and make the file transfer.

Be that as it may, most mini accessories used with phones and tablets only support Bluetooth, the headphone is a good example. Where I cannot switch to wireless, I’m forced to Bluetooth my devices. Consider below how to configure Bluetooth on Android

It is important not to leave your Bluetooth running, due to its power consumption; it will definitely shorten the battery standby time. Switch on the Bluetooth when you wish to use it and turn it off whenever it is not in use to increase the battery standby time and ultimately, the battery lifespan

  1. From settings, navigate to Wireless and Network Settings
  2. Tap the Bluetooth Settings
  3. Check the “turn on” Bluetooth check-box
  4. Tap on Device Name and change it to your desired name. This is the name that will show up will other devices scan for available Bluetooth devices
  5. Check the check-box on Discoverable; this will enable the device to broadcast the name that you have earlier on set.  If your configuration start a countdown, make sure make the connection before the end of the countdown.
  6. Put on the second device scan for Bluetooth device and connect. Add the password on the screen if prompted to.

You are good to go.

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