Show SIM Contacts on Android

Do you want to show your SIM Contacts on Android? If you are new to Android, you might be baffled about the whereabouts of your sim contacts. Android devices does not show the contacts on your sim card in the phonebook, therefore your sim contacts cannot beĀ  visible. So how do we use the contacts on the sim card? The solution is to use third part APPs from the playstore to display contacts on the sim card.

how to show sim contact on AndroidRefer to the guide How to install Android Apps if you are new to Apple Play Store. The Step by Step Guide on how to display sim contacts on Android devices is enumerated below:

  1. Make sure your device is connected to the internet & open Google Play App.
  2. Search for Sim Contact. The search will bring a number of result but I prefer simcontacts.
  3. Tap sim contacts, Tap install and accept the permission request
  4. When the installation is finished, tap open to launch.

The application will access your sim card and display the contact information on your sim. That is the least the application can do. From this interface, you can share, search, modify and delete contacts on your sim device. It also has batch option where you can copy contacts from your sim to phone or send bulk sms to several contacts at the same time.

A very intriguing function of the app is the capacity to send contacts through virtually any messaging app on your Android including BBM, skype, Whatsapp. Bluetooth, LAN etc.

When next you cannot find your sim contact on your phone, try this APP

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