Take screenshots on Android Phone

Android ScreenshotTo get a screenshot of your Android device is very easy once you know how to go about it. The screenshot is a feature that most computer users are familiar with. It is quite easy to take a screenshot on your computer because the function built into the keyboard. Simply press the  “part sc” key, and you have the image of the current screen saved in the memory. You can them access the image by pasting in any image or word editor. However, the screenshot function on an Android is not quite obvious, but the process is simpler than a computer system.

On an Android device, screenshot can be taken in three different ways

  1. The Android inbuilt screenshot key combinations
  2. The Phone Manufacturer custom screenshot key combinations; and
  3. Screenshot Android App

The Android inbuilt key combinations

This key combination triggers the screenshot command that is built into the  Android OS. The keys are POWER +  VOLUME DOWN. For the key combinations to work, you must press both keys together at the same time and hold for about two seconds, once you hear the shutter click sound, release the keys and locate the screenshot by pulling down the notification log from the screen top.

Phone manufacturer key combinations

Most manufacturers further enhance the Android OS shipped with their products with custom functions which may not apply to other types of phones. For example, the screenshot can be taken on all Samsung phones by pressing the power button and the home key ( POWER + Home Key) concurrently.  Some other models show a popup when you long-press the power button.

Screenshot Apps

The third method you can use to capture the screen of your Android phone is a specialized app for screen capturing.  If you do not know how to install an app on your Android phone, Check out this article –“How to install an app on your Android.” The process is quite easy. You can try some apps to see the ones that suit you best. I recommend you check any of these three apps listed below.

  • ScreenShot by Geek Lab
  • Screenshot Capture Recorder by App Doodle, and
  • Screenshot Easy.

Most of these apps add extra features that go beyond screenshot.

How do I locate my screenshot?

The screenshots are stored in different places depending on the method you used in capturing the screen. If you use the native Android method, the image is saved in a folder named screenshot on the internal memory. However, an easy way to access the images of the screen you have captured is to use the gallery app which collects all the images on your phone and arrange them in a logical order. You can also use ES File Explorer; it is an amazing file explorer with great file management features tat let you locate your screenshot Easily.

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