AirDroid, An Android Remote Management App

Have you ever thought about operating your Android phone from a PC?  Yes, AirDroid App makes it possible. The app enables you to perform most of your phone functions right from the web browser of your PC. You can connect to your phone wirelessly, with a USB cord or through the internet. There are some other advanced features that can be enabled on your device but will require that you register for free at the AirDroid website.

You can access all the different features available in the app by clicking on the tools icon at the bottom of the page.

Files: The Files features groups all the files on your phones into  Apps, photos, videos, music, and Docs.  Other functions are the device icon which is a file manager feature that enables you to browse the files on your phone; collates all files above 10MB in size;  download and received icons that groups files downloaded from the internet and the files received through direct transfer respectively.

Like every file manager, the user can run/open, move, copy. Delete or share files through various media such as Bluetooth, wireless, email, WhatsApp and other communication apps present on your phone.

Find Phone: Remotely locate your Android Phone when it is lost or stolen. This function requires that you register your Android device at right from the application interface and grant Airdroid the permission to administer your device. Follow the process below:

  • Click on tools
  • Click on Find Phone
  • Fill in your details to register your device in AirDroid
  • Activate Device Administrator

After completing the steps above, open the computer and browse to to access and control your phone remotely.

Backup: The backup function enables the user to backup the content of the phone directly to a computer connected to the Android device through WiFi.  This requires that you download the AirDroid desktop App on your PC and follow the step-by-step guide.

Booster: Increases the speed of the phone or tablet by clearing the volatile memory of the phone.  The function list all the applications using the phone memory and recommends the apps to be cleared but also gives the ability to stop other apps and system processes as well. After boosting, your phone starts to respond faster.

Desktop Notification: Receive all the notifications on your phone right on the browser of your computer.

Operate your Phone Over WiFi.: Once you have connected your phone to the same computer network either through Phone Wireless hotspot or another central network, the AirDroid App displays an IP address for connectivity on the screen. Type the IP address on your browser and access your phone right from your computer. You can Install apps, make calls, read and send SMS, copy, move, delete files, view your phone camera, play music, etc. right from your computer.


Air Droid is a feature-rich app that allows you to access and secure your phone remotely among other functions. You may need to subscribe to be able to access some advanced services. It is a memory intensive app, make sure you are not using a low-end phone, or it may freeze up. It does not display ads at the time of review. When we tried the find my phone function, it could not locate the phone; this may be a network issue – you might be lucky.  Airdroid is a great app worth trying out.

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