Dirt Sheet Review

Professional Wrestling has millions of fans all over the world, Dirt Sheet is a professional wrestling news app available on iphone and android. The app was created by Wrestling News World. It is the only app you will need for Up to date wrestling news, backstage activities and spoilers.

Tha app delivers good wrestling news it is absolutely an app version of www.wrestlingnewsworld.com which have the free version and the premium news version as well. The app covers predictions of every major TNA and WWE pay per view events, it offers a live commentary on every episode of Raw, Smackdown and Impact. Spoilers of scripts for television episodes of wrestling and more importantly events that take place backstage.

Dirt sheet does more to follow your favourite wrestling superstars’ professional life, outings outside the ring, injuries and real life feuds. From time to time, Dirt Sheet critique wrestling personalities and the character they portray on the ring and in the real world. Storylines and the Wrestling company itself is not exempted from the scrutiny of this wrestling journalists.

Finally there is also an aspect called Ask WNW where you can email your wrestling related questions to be answered by Wrestling News World. If you desire more from wrestling than what you watch on your television or live events, or you really want to have an insider view of what the industry look like, then you need to have this app.

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