ES File Explorer Review

ES file explorer is by far the most versatile File Manager app on Android. By the way, a file manager is an application that you can use to browse the content of your phone just like you would do on your computer.

Why do you need a file manager?
Many times, you download content on your phones which you may want to locate later on. At other times, these stuff are no longer useful, and you may want to delete them or simply move stuff around to arrange logically. The file manager allows you to see the content of your phone stored away in different locations. You can browse files on your phone, memory card; copy, paste, delete, share, rename, etc. Major features of the ES File Manager are discussed below.

The Library
The Library feature takes ES File Explorer beyond a file manager to an advanced file organizer. The Application scans your device and organizes similar file types together such as music, images, app, videos, compressed files, etc. With this feature, you to easily locate any file type once you know the type of file.

The Space Analyzer.
The space analyzer does a deep scan on your device and lists the different file types and their respective sizes. At a glance, you to determine the files that are clogging your device so you can take the required action. It singles out large files and junk files. The junks file mainly consist of logs and other files stored in a temporary location while running or installing apps. With a single click on the Clean Now tab, you can clear these files and free valuable space on your phone.

ES Swipe
This is an awesome feature that creates an overlay of the frequently used app stylishly when you to swipe the corner of your screen.  If enabled, you will no longer have to browse different screen to locate an app or clog your home screen with shortcuts to frequently used apps.

Recycle Bin
The recycle bin feature literarily turns your phone or tablets to a PC. Once you have enabled the recycle bin, the stuff that you delete on your phone no longer goes away forever. You can still recover these files from the recycle bin until you decide to empty the bin to delete them forever.


Network features.
The network features enable you to gain access to files on your local area network, remote cloud storage, FTP, and other Android devices. The network features require that the phone has active hotspot or connected to a wireless network.

Sender: Sending files through Bluetooth is old-fashion and also dead slow, WiFi is the latest technique of sending files on Mobile devices.  ES File Explorer has added a sender feature that connects over WiFi to other phones with ES File Explorer installed to send files and apps. Simply follow the user-friendly interface to create a network or join an existing network. Locate the other android device on the network and send your files in a jiffy. You can send large videos within minutes; this is impossible with Bluetooth.


LAN Connection: This feature is great for network engineers. Click on the LAN icon to access shared files and folders on your network wirelessly. You can either add your network shared resources manually or allow the application to scan your network for shared items.

Cloud Connection: Click on the Cloud icon and click on add, you will get an option of adding cloud storage from 10 different platforms namely; Box, SugarSync, DropBox, OneDrive, Gdrive, Amazon S3, Yandex, MegaCloud, Baidu NetDisk and MediaFire. This feature is particularly useful because you can access different cloud storage service from a single interface; you can edit files on the go and get access to critical documents without having to open your PC.

FTP Connection: For starters, an FTP server is a computer where you upload files for storage or for other users to download. Do you need to upload stuff or download things from an FTP server? You can easily do that with your Android Phone and Tablet Thanks for the FTP feature of ES File Explorer. Simply add your FTP login details and viola, you can download and upload files to your FTP server right from your phone. Techies will love this feature.

Remote Manager: The remote manager feature activates an embedded FTP server on your phone. Once this feature is enabled, you can enter an IP Address in the browser of another phone, tablet or computer and browse the files on your phone just like you will browse an FTP server. You can also enter the server parameters to your FTP client such as FileZilla to access your phone via FTP.

Other features

The other features of ES file explorer include music player, download manager, file archiving (Zip),System manager and app locker are additional great features which will require an additional download.

With these features described, ES file explorer can handle the tasks that you could have required six different apps to accomplish. ES File Explorer is a free app. However, some features are locked, and you may be required to install some sponsored apps to unlock advanced features. All the features described here are freely available after installation.